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The Materiality Analysis we carried out in 2018 was updated in 2019, with the aim to accurately reflect the six topics we consider to be our key drivers for value creation.

The prioritization process, which enabled us to establish our material topics, consists of five steps:


Identification of topics to prioritize


Identification of stakeholders to consult


Internal and external inquiries





During the update of our Materiality Analysis, the previous nine material topics were restated as six value drivers.

Materiality matrix 2018 - 2021


The result allows us to visualize the importance of each one of these drivers, as well the way in which we managed them, our progress and the related challenges and opportunities.

    Value Drivers

  • 1. Strategic Oversight:

    The empowerment of the Business Group’s strategies through our expertise, general understanding and long-term vision, as well as our ability to promote new perspectives and synergies among our businesses.

  • 2. Financial Management:

    The management of our investment portfolio through adequate allocation of resources and an efficient capital structure in all the companies of our Business Group.

  • 3. Ethics and Corporate Governance:

    The system that establishes the correct management of our Business Group’s companies, as well as the standards of ethics, conduct and transparency under which our directors, managers and employees must work.

  • 4. Sustainability Vision:

    The set of strategies designed to ensure conscious investment, the adoption of cutting-edge practices and responsible operations with the planet and people in all of the Group’s businesses.

  • 5. Identity and Engagement:

    The strengthening of the Organization's reputation and effective positioning so that our stakeholders perceive, get to know, trust and support Grupo Empresarial Argos.

  • 6. Talent and Culture:

    The set of initiatives that aim to attract, develop and retain the best talent as part of the pillars of transcendence, integrity, inspiration and commitment that constitute the culture of our Business Group.