Shareholders Meeting

The Shareholders’ General Assembly is the maximum corporate body constituted by the shareholders of the Company. The annual meeting must be held once a year and the extraordinary meetings should be held as are required for an adequate fulfillment of all the functions assigned to this corporate body by the bylaws.

The functioning and summoning of the Shareholders’ Meeting are determined by the Law, the bylaws and the rules of procedure of the General Shareholders’ Meeting included in the Code of Good Governance.

2019 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Shareholders’ General Assembly of 2018 was held on April 16, at 10:30 a.m., in the Convention Center of Plaza Mayor, in Medellin.

2019 Ordinary Meeting


Proposed Issues / Issues

Profits Distribution Proposal

Statutory Auditor Annual Fees Proposal

Social Responsability Proposal

Information of Article 446 of the Code of Commerce

Shareholder Poder of Attorney Regulation

Natural Person Model of Power of Attorney

Corporate Entity Model of Power of Attorney

Annual Report on Corporate Governance

SPECIAL REPORT - Article 29º Law 222 of 1995

Election Tax Reviewer Proposal

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Board of Directors Annual Fee proposal