Our actions

What actions is Grupo Argos taking in order to face the Coronavirus contingency?


We have prioritized 5 axes of work:

1. The care and health of our collaborators

2. The sense of solidarity to preserve as far as possible the employment generated directly, indirectly and induced

3. The proactive management to identify all the actions that are within our reach to facilitate the continuity of our businesses

4. Active participation in philanthropy initiatives and support for society in general and the protection of those in the most vulnerable condition

5. Accompaniment to institutions for the generation of adequate and timely public policy


We take care of our collaborators and their families

We have mostly concentrated on working remotely from homes to protect ourselves, our families and the rest of society, since as we remain in social isolation, the probability of infecting others, or of being infected.

We invite you to know the letter that Jorge Mario Velásquez, President of Grupo Argos, sent to our entire team.


Alternatives for our suppliers​

The transformation is promoted by working as a team, even more in a situation like this, which requires us to contribute in solidarity and demonstrate with actions that together we can build the future. We are aware of the difficulties and challenges that contingency represents for the private sector and the Colombian company, therefore, and thinking about the well-being, sustainability, continuity and permanence of our suppliers, we offered them the following alternatives:

• Immediate payment of pending invoices so that they can have greater liquidity to operate.

• Relief in the payment cycle of the following invoices, until July 31 of this year. Payments go from 60 to 30 days.

• To those who wish, the company offered support in structuring an invoice discount scheme with a third-party firm (Exponential Confirming) that offers a preferential factoring rate of 0.95% nominal monthly. Grupo Argos has no connection or interest beyond facilitating contact.

• The details of these reliefs, their application and procedure, as well as the doubts that arise in this regard can be consulted by writing to the following email: maestroprovederos@summa-sci.com


The company invites its strategic allies to replicate measures that can mitigate the impacts of the situation on others; All the efforts we make to benefit collaborators, suppliers and supply chains will allow us to build a virtuous circle among all that can be beneficial to Colombian society, maintaining economic activity, avoiding deterioration in consumption and strengthening supply.

Additionally, the company enabled providers who have not yet accepted electronic invoicing and continue to invoice physically, the possibility of scanning their invoices in PDF format taking into account current business rules and sending them to the email account for their filing. Once the contingency is over, they will send the original physical invoice to the nearest CAD. Send the correspondence and invoices to the email account: cad@grupoargos.com

See here the letter that our suppliers received and in which we reported on these measures.

See here the communication that all our allies received.


Contributions of Grupo Argos to the community​

We are working hard through union and different private institutions, helping to coordinate with governments on actions that can strengthen hospital capacity, and to implement measures that primarily help maintain employment. Likewise, we have concentrated the resources of the Grupo Argos Foundation on helping to mitigate the effects of this situation, with a total of contributions to date of COP 18,701 million pesos.

- Contributions to strengthening the health system's capacity for care

-Campaign Un Llamado a la Empatía


- Contributions to donations in Bogotá, Medellín, Barranquilla and Valle del Cauca

-We joined with contributions to the initiative of the Traso Collective in Cartagena to strengthen the care capacity of the city's health system


You can also help the most vulnerable Colombian families against this contingency by making a donation here.