Llamado a la Empatía campaign

Fundación Grupo Argos invites you to contribute resources for families in Colombia whose livelihood depends on informal work

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We present to you Un Llamado a la Empatía, an initiative that aims to contribute to the food security of thousands of families in Colombia whose livelihood depends on informal work. For each peso raised, the Grupo Argos Foundation will provide the same value, which has allowed donations to date to total more than COP 350 million, more than 1,000 donors who have joined the campaign and nearly 5,000 families benefited in 10 departments of the country

Millions of pesos in contributions:


Families benefited:


People who have donated:


Today we want to invite you to be part of the change and use the power of transformation that we all have to continue multiplying the good news and continue to benefit more families so that they can face these days of quarantine with ease.

Do you want to help? It is very easy, choose the amount of your contribution from COP 30,000 to COP 50,000,000:

- Donation of COP 30,000

- Donation of COP 50,000

- Donation of COP 100,000

- Donation of COP 200,000

- Donation of COP 500,000

- Donation of COP 1,000,000

- Donation of COP 5,000,000

- Donation of COP 10,000,000

- Donation of COP 20,000,000

- Donation of COP 30,000,000

- Donation of COP 40,000,000

- Donation of COP 50,000,000


If you require a donation certificate you can request it to the email: voluntariadoconecta@grupoargos.com